Marina Due considers the realization of a 40000 m2 park with 108 residences inside, divided into 16 apartments’ typologies, different in dimension and characteristics. You can choose according to your needs: small or big two-storey houses with garden, ground floor apartments facing the park or first floor apartments facing the river Natissa.


The Project


The aim of Marina Due is to built a built-up area, accessible only to the owners of the houses. The park of Marina Due has for areas named: “Swimming pool park”, “East Park”, “South Park” and “The river park”. Each area is characterized by special environmental context that promote the relationship between the homelike atmosphere and the outside.


Building site


You could keep up with the developments of building site from this gallery, it will be constantly updated.


The place


Aquileia lies about 40 kilometers far from the administrative centre of Friuli Venezia Giulia, at the edge of the lagoon of Grado. Its fame, already well established in Roman Era, is mainly due to its strategical position between the harbour and the hinterland. Besides the central role for trade and army’s supply, Aquileia’s glorious past is also connected with its role of seat of the potent Patriarchate of Aquileia, who took its name directly from the city.